Thursday, May 29, 2008

Uncle Hugh

For some reason today on my drive down to Orem, I was thinking about the night before my Uncle Hugh got married. What brought this memory on, I have no idea.

For some reason my sister Amy and I (I think anyway) had to share a room with him. This was at my grandparents house in Longmont, Colorado. For those of you that don't know my Grandpa is very handy and had installed sinks and mirror's into most of the rooms. Any way, after falling asleep on the floor, I have a vivid memory of being woken up by a light. I remember rolling over and seeing my Uncle leaning against the sink with his face mere inches away from the mirror. I think he was mumbling something to the effect of "Am I ready...."

After watching this spectacle for what seemed like an hour, I finally fell asleep again.

Random I know....but Funny!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random Observations....And Apologizes

I was driving home from school this afternoon and I hit what feels kinda like the halfway point of the trip, The Point of the Mountain. As I left Utah Valley and decented into Salt Lake Valley, I realized that there isn't much of a point or mountain left from all the sand that is being used....hmmmm,should they changed the name to "The place where the Mountain Point Use to Be." What do you, my faithful readers think?

And I am sorry for not writing more. More is on the way!