Sunday, July 15, 2007


Nature has displayed its awesome force in many ways. Here are a couple of pictures that I have come across in the past couple of days that I fell convey this message. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 30, 2007


So maybe i only have a desire to right when I see or hear something outrageous since the last time that i wrote was several months ago. For instance, i just walked in the door to my apartment from a lovely summer bbq to having the fire alarm going off in the entire apartment complex. Wow.
Not only have the fire alarm companies picked the loudest, most obnoxious pitch and volume, (my ears have just started to bleed), they have forgotten to connect the alarm to the fire station.
Its been about 10 minutes since it first went off with no sign of the fire department. I understand that it will take a minute, or maybe 5, for a response time, but honestly there is station a mere mile a while. So two things i would like to ask in this rant. One if there was a real fire, would i be burned, and b, when will the bleeding stop.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mormon Country

You know that you are in Mormon country when you are in Salt Lake City at the state capitol listening to the state legislature and a guy gets up and says "there is a family in my ward..." Wow.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

shootin and diggin

I have decided that there are few things in life that give me as much satisfaction and fun as shooting high powered assault rifles and hand guns while diggin' in my Pathfinder. Lets be honest here, when you squeeze of 20 .223 rounds off as fast as you can on an AR-15 and a Mini 14 it is as if testosterone is ruling your own personal world. I get the same feeling when I dig through some icy mud in 4-low and feel like I'm going to get stuck but some how bounce out like a kangaroo in the outback. This was how I spent my Saturday. The poetic ending to this afternoon ended up being when I had to pull my buddy out of about two feet of ice, water and mud. It was good times. Yes sir.