Thursday, January 31, 2008

Genes and Jeans

I have noticed a couple things. First, I am short. Second, my jeans are always wet at the bottoms whenever it snows or rains. Now I know that you are thinking. You think I should just buy shorter jeans, but that is where the genes come in. Because of my genes I am in between sizes. Either I get short high-waters, or just a little to long.

My Father is 6'4. My Mother is 5'4. Sorry to say, but those were never very good odds for me. Unfortunately for me, my older sister got the tall genes at a whopping 6 foot she has always towered over me even as a child. My younger sister is also tall for a lot of girls and claims to have passed me in height. My parents have reassured me that she is still shorter but I swear she looks me square in the eye.

I am openly blaming my parents for my height retardation. Mainly my Dad. He knowingly married and bred with a short woman....and Mom, you let him! My sister Amy, openly dislikes guys like my Dad who dated and married girls a full foot shorter. This leaves the tall girls waiting for a taller guy to realize that they can date someone who is taller than average.

Now Dad didn't you think of your unborn son and his perpetually wet jeans when you were courting my Mom?! Forget love, and eternity! I'm talking about always having to take my pants off when I come home from school so I don't get the carpet and socks wet and dirty.

OK, its not really that bad of a thing that I was made short (even though I really take my pants off when I come home if it has snowed or rained). Some good has come from it. For instance I have an awesome family, and being born is a pretty good deal in itself. I will most likely have giant children of my own. I'm guessing that I will have kids taller me by the time they are hit their mid-teens. Another plus, I'm taller than my mom. It made me feel good, and helped with my self esteem when I finally passed her in height during my senior year of high school.

I also have a lower center of gravity. Which has come in handy for things like skiing and mountain biking. I have yet to do half of the amazing mountain bike gymnastic dismounts that my Dad has done. I have rarely if ever hit my head form being to tall. That usually happens from stupidity. And I'm almost always short enough to fit under ever shower head I have encountered.

So all in all being short is not that bad. The real down fall is that because of my genes I always have wet jeans.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dramatic Chipmunk

I'm all for random viral videos that can be found on YouTube. One the shortest....yet funniest is the Dramatic Chipmunk.

Here it is:

Then I came across this one as well....Which is just as good. Its amazing what a little sound will do for clip that otherwise wouldn't be all that funny.


Snow Idiocy...

First off I would just like to say that for some of you that listen to modern music, the description of this blog is the name of a Collective Soul Album. If I remember correctly it was one of my first albums. I think that it will do a good job of describing the things that I will be writing about.

Now on to todays blog...

I have noticed that there are a few things that need to change when it comes to snow. First and for most the way that most people here in Utah drive in it. No if I were a betting man, I would have bet, before i moved here, people would be generally good at driving in snow. I mean this is the home of the 2002 WINTER Olympics. The license plates boast "The Greatest Snow on Earth." If you have ever watched a Warren Miller movie than you would know that some of the worlds greatest shots have come from Utah. Aparently all bets are off.

Why is it that people turn into complete numbskull's when there is a little snow on the road? I can understand if you are from somewhere like Florida and this is the first time that you have ever seen the stuff, but for all of you Utards that just turn on the stupid switch whats the deal?

To give an example of this stupidity (there are many that I could choose from) I will start with a simple one. This one takes place on the interstate. I'm not trying to be stereotypical or sexist put it usually involves a teenage girl going about 80 mphs, weaving in and out of traffic, while talking on a cell phone. Apparently the freshly fallen snow is a candy coating to the road that helps you go really fast! I always cringe and tense up when I see one of these plastic girls driving their plastic rice rockets oblivious to the world. The same applies to those that drive a big SUV or truck, that think they are magically not going to spin out of control or stop because the have four wheel drive. Plain and simple snow idiocy.

Another example happened the other day as I was turning in to my apartment. I pulled in to the middle lane and was waiting for a gap in the steady stream of traffic to make my cross. There where a lot of cars and I had been waiting a couple of minutes. Normally I would have been very irritated, but i have learned to be patient in the snow. Then out of no where this lady in a minivan stops the entire lane of traffic. She seriously slammed on the brakes and waved me across. I'm all for being a good Samaritan, but this was just plain stupid. It is not like all of a sudden the laws of driving change, and you have to give up your right away. Luckily everyone behind her was able to stop.

My sister and brother-in-law are assistants to the manager at the apartment complex they live at. There basic duties include garbage removal, keeping the grounds clean, and clearing snow from sidewalks when appropriate. I'm assuming that an appropriate time to remove snow is AFTER it snows. I know that I am going out on a limb here with this guess since I myself have never been an Apartment Manager. I'm assuming that the Managers at my apartment complex never got the memo about snow removal from the Apartment Managing School. I have lived at the same place for almost two years and they have never shoveled snow. There idea of snow removal is spreading a 20 pound bag across the entire complex and hoping that the sun gets the rest. To bad the sun never shines on ANY of the sidewalks. This is another one of those "Hello!! You are in UTAH!!" type of things that you shouldn't have to worry about

I could go on with a few more examples of snow idiocy, but I think that ya'll get the idea.

If any of you readers out there have any examples, I would love to hear them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

whats this?

I'm sitting here at my second favorite table in the library and thought i would check out my amazing blog....then I realized I didn't even remember what the address was. I ended up going on to my Dads sit,
Tastes Kinda Minty, for the link.

Any who, I was sitting here contemplating a riveting chapter in my
Modern Historiography book and I thought that i would tear my self away to blog a bit.

Not quite sure what about yet, so please bear with me! First off I figure that I will first update the World Wide Web, or about the the three people that will read this about my life. Ready this is going to be some exciting stuff....I'm a student. I spend a few hours a day at school everyday. I'm taking 15 credit hours so I stay busy. After classes I usually eat lunch, then go back to the Library and read till my eyes fall out (as one of my Professors would say). Yup that is basically my life. I wish that it was more exciting!

Well my last adventure (if you can call it that) I partook was last night which was a Monday. A water main broke on campus. Around 4:30 we were sent an email to our school account that stated the following:

Campus physical plant has informed us that the campus has had a major break in a water line on the north side of campus. To protect our power source, they are closing down power in parts of the campus. We are assessing the situation and will notify people soon about the impact of the power outage.

My once a week, three hour, Monday night class was canceled. Now I am like any other college student, happy to have a break from class, but the problem is with MLK Day last Monday we have only had class twice before. To top it off I think that we are scheduled for a test this week. Not really sure whats going on with it now!

So instead of class I decided to go to the UVU Girls Basketball. But because of the power outage the game which was scheduled to be played at the McKay Event Center had to be moved and delayed. The Game was moved to a Timp High School. Kinda sad. I think that there are more people at a high school Girls Game! Well the Lady Wolverines ended up playing Chicago State University. (CSU, which has the same colors as the real CSU, Colorado State. Just some party trivia for ya.)

The Lady's, like usual dominated. At the end of the first half they are up by at least 20. At the start of the second half they scored a quick 9 unanswered points and CSU is forced to call a timeout with only 48 seconds into the half. Then all of a sudden I swear I was watching the Jazz play. All of sudden the lead was only down to about 10. Then 3. Then CSU was up by two. With 1.1 Seconds left CSU fouled the girl that you wouldn't want to foul, the star point guard! With the fouls in bonus all she had to do was sink two free throws and the game would go into over time. Unfortunately clutch shooting apparently is not her forte, she missed the shot and we lost the game. I guess some good did come from this game however. I won a free T-Shirt!

Well I am going to try and get into the habit of Blogging. I know this one post is pretty lame but I am confident that they will get much much better! Thanks for Reading.