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March 10th, 2008: The Legacy of a Legend

To preface this story I accidently posted the title without actually writing the story. I received so many comments however, i decided to leave it as an individual post and to chalk it up as 'simple genius'! I hope you enjoy this story. I know I did. And don't worry part 2 is on the way!

Part 1:

I could tell when I awoke on my birthday this year that there were going to be throngs of phone calls, text messages, and small party of well-wishers waiting for me as I walked out the door. I woke up about and got right into studying for my American Lit. exam that was waiting for me that afternoon. As the hours passed, I received no phone calls or texts messages. I will be honest, there was some gnashing of teeth and murmuring that passed from my lips, but lets be honest, it was my birthday! This is the one-day that I actually deserve to get praise for doing absolutely nothing at all. I’ve been doing it (receiving praise) perfectly for 26 Years!

As the hours passed, as I was studying the masters of early American Literature, I received no salutations. No greetings of congratulations or encouragement. My heart was breaking, as I felt more and more alone. (In retrospect it did not help that one of the works I was reading was Walden by Thoreau, which is the story of the authors life for two years as he lived by himself at Walden Pond.)

As I got ready for school, I bathed in my own tears. Tears of rejection and loneliness; of hurt and despair. I clumsily dressed my self, and stumbled out the door with my bag to make the long trek to school. Careful to lock my door to stop any potential thieves, I left my room of dejection. About three steps out of my room I realized that I had left a book I needed. As I turned the knob and I felt with horror that it did not rotate. As I realized the mistake I had made I cursed the heavens with anguish! I had been forgotten by my friends, bathed in my own tears, and now locked out of my place of habitation. What else could go wrong?

I turn on my heal knowing that there is nothing that I can do at this time and I left my apartment in a huff. As I stormed through my apartment I grunted a salutation of farewell to whoever was on the couch and was careful to slam the door vociferously so those all around would know of my suffering. As the windows rattled in their panes, they echoed my personal pain of being forgotten on the one day of the year that was supposed to be mine.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and started to stagger towards school. With shoulders slumped, and a lump in my throat, I wiped the tears from eyes to assume the gazing of my shoes, when I saw a beam of light break from the clouds. I heard a chorus of fire truck sirens sing to me in as I followed the beam of light to ground. I felt like Indian Jones as he discovered the location of the Ark of the Covenant. I took my hat off and wiped my brow of sweat and there, glowing in the sunlight, sat a $20 bill. God had given me a Birthday present!

All of sudden I didn’t care that my friends had betrayed me on my birthday. I didn’t care that I was locked out of my room. I had $20 to do whatever I wanted. The sky was my limit…or at least a $20 limit.

There was a spring in my step as I skipped to school. I small flock of sparrows began to sing my sorrows away as I felt the delightful tingle of money burning in my pocket. As I boarded the shuttle that would transport me to campus, I decided to call a friend to share my magnificent news with. As I made the call, my phone showed that I had full bars, but there was no network. I laughed, as I restarted my phone and I enjoyed the sun on my shoulders that was shining through the windows as well asthe new cash in my pocket. As my phone restarted, I was surprised that in a matter of seconds I received a plethora of text messages and voicemail's from all of my friends. I was happy to find that they were all words of encouragement, mingled with the occasional sympathy for the increase in age.

As I arrived in my class to take my midterm exam, I didn’t have a care in the world. As I proceeded to write out my exam I was able to answer the questions with ease. The words flowed from my pen as water from a garden hose. Before I knew it I had answered all of the questions, and was out the door to enjoy the rest of my day.

As I walked down the hall and exited the school to journey back home, my mind turned to the predicament at hand; being locked out of my room. As the wheels of thought started to turn, I realized I needed to oil up the gears, and shake the dust off my problem solving skills. I came to a few possible ways to break in, right off the bat. Option A, the doorknob I had installed was a little too large for the door. While it was functional, it was, as my father would fondly put, Mickey Mouse. With enough force I felt that I would be able to open the door, and gain admission to my room. Option B, was through my bedroom window. Because of the nice weather I had left my window unlocked, and slightly ajar to let fresh air consume my quarters. The problem with using my window however, was that it approximately 30 feet off the ground.

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Which one of these is not like the other

I can't decide which one would be easier to use.....can ya'll help me?