Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Road Trip to Remember

I wrote this as an introduction to a book I made my Dad for Christmas of 2009. The book was full of pictures and other tidbits. I also included a slide show of about a 1/4 of the the pictures that were in the book. Please enjoy.

The Journey is the Destination

By taking the road less traveled, a trip can be transformed into a journey. Instead of traveling from point A to B, you come across point Z, which in itself is worth a few bumps and bruises.

The open road calls many, and consumes more. Instead of enjoying the expedition we find the quickest passage with its many luxuries and conveniences.

Unfortunately as time passes and we get older the chance to explore the world slowly slips away. Responsibility and ‘life’ slowly suffocate out dreams. Our dreams become fantasy; a mere after thought to what we want. We forget that once we wanted to be astronauts and explorers.

When the call of wanderlust beckons however we must answer quickly and without hesitation for her sweet sirens proclamation will not last. When the call is answered we must be ready for an adventure. We must be ready for the turns, mountains, and more importantly the unexpected.

In 2009 wanderlust gave her sweet call to a Father and Son; and they answered.

Armed with a BMW 325i, a cooler of food, and a tattered map they discovered a land that they have lived in for years, but have never truly seen.

Whether racing oilrigs down an abandon highway in Wyoming, seeing the President fly off in Marine One, or interacting with the locals from Broadus, Montana the wandering was exciting and edifying.

Proof that a picture is worth a thousand words lie in these pages.

The following is the journey where a Father and Son relearned a simple maxim.

The Journey is the destination.

Bradford D. Roper, December 2009

The Journey Is The Destination from Brad Roper on Vimeo.


Mom said...

Brad, I love the way you write. The pictures were great. You and Dad must have had a great time. Up for it again?

Webb said...

What a great trip it must have been! The development of cameras, and digital cameras has given us the opportunity to capture life like never before, giving us back memories otherwise sometimes lost... good memories that can help in some of life's darker times. Never forget that you've had some great times, and there are many more to come!

I can't wait till you and I can take family road trips together, loading the wives and chillins in a station wagon and heading out on the road less traveled!

Dad said...

Yes, the journey IS the destination! The photo essay you gave me was articulate and precious in capturing memories. But it is interesting to note the additional depth you captured by adding music to your slide show. It was a great trip. I think I hear the mountain passes and winding roads of Colorado calling to us. The bimm is waxed and retreaded...

Amy said...

Love this.

That is all :)